Dental implants

Do your homework… Despite the high standards of modern dental care, thousands if not millions of UK patients suffer tooth loss every year due to a number of factors including injury, decay and gum disease. Historically, the only solutions for

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The smile business

If there were ever a recession-proof industry to be in, dentistry would be among the front runners. With attractive starting salaries for the right candidates, and interesting and varied career paths on offer, the field can be rewarding in both

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The truth behind the celebrity smile

When considering cosmetic dentistry, it pays to be prepared As recently as a decade ago, cosmetic dentistry, like other elective cosmetic procedures, was the preserve of the wealthy. Today, such practices are presented almost as a basic human right rather

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Choosing your dentist

Most people spend as little time as possible planning their next trip to the dentist. But it pays to invest time in finding the practice most suitable for you.

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Putting on a brave face

Sports personalities are the first to know about the importance of protecting their teeth. They understand that having a winning smile is important to their health and career. A bad tackle or accident can lead to damaged teeth, time out

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Make sure you get the genuine article

For the last 15 years, specialist dentists have changed the face of dentistry. In the same way celebrity chefs have improved fish & chips and school food, specialist dentists have raised the bar for patient care and paved the way

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