First impressions count

We consider the initial meeting with you as key to any future treatment. During the hour-long consultation we gather all the relevant information needed for an assessment.

You’ll be reassured by Toby’s relaxed manner and his ability to allay any anxieties you may have. There is an air of mutual openness about expectations and potential achievements.

No two patients are the same

Over the course of an hour, Toby will ask a series of structured questions in order to create the most personalised treatment plan. This is usually more than enough time for you to fully communicate your problem and go over previous dental and medical history.

Other information collected may include impressions and x-rays of the mouth to allow all options to be evaluated.

Any problem may have a multitude of solutions. Toby will explain the benefits and risks, then allow you to select for yourself the most appropriate treatment that “fits” both your budget and your schedules.

A subsequent meeting allows for a full explanation of those options and a subsequent written report includes the future costs for the treatment.

Short term “quick fix” solutions always lead to disappointment. Toby Talbot takes a more long term view of patient care, seeing it as a continuous process.