It is now a regulatory requirement that all dental practices list their ‘prices’ for services rendered. But the Talbot Clinic isn’t in the business of providing ‘off the shelf’ dental services.

We provide specialist dental services – all our patients present with specific problems, all our patients require specific treatments. No two patients are the same, so we create a bespoke oral health treatment plan tailored to suit our patients individual needs, based on personal consultation. Only then do we provide a report summarising our findings, including diagnosis, treatment options and completely transparent costs for these treatments.

For this reason, we believe that the only prices we’re able to predict before we’ve seen a patient is our consultation fee, and the cost of X-rays and diagnostic models. So…

Our Fees
Scanning x-ray of jaws and teeth £80.00
Consultation fee £180.00
X-rays £15.00 each
Diagnostic models £50.00
Mr Serryth Colbert Consultation Fee £250.00