Over the last eighteen years, Toby has established a professional fast-track service for the legal community, helping courts, counsel and judges make accurate and well-informed decisions.

Toby is currently clinical director of the Talbot Clinic and Talbot Laboratories and dedicates his time to caring for his patients at his Bath based clinic, and educating the public on dentistry.

Every clinician owes a duty of care to his or her patients. Although uncommon, a failure in that duty is negligence. If that negligence has resulted in damage the patient deserves it to be put right and appropriate compensation provided.

You can expect a consultation appointment for your client within days of written instruction. Once the previous medical/dental records are provided, a completed report is provided within 2 weeks. Causation, liability, prognosis and quantum are included, often making the courtroom scene unnecessary.

Whether you are acting on behalf of the claimant or defendant, call Toby Talbot.